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Do you know why your current bill changes every month? Many Medical Waste providers have additional fees such as fuel and environmental fees. Medical Waste Management charges a flat monthly fee and nothing else, that's our promise.

Easy & Short term service agreements

Medical Waste Management service agreement is simple, only one page, with no fine print and offers flexible terms.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Is your current company protecting you ? Medical Waste Management is fully Licensed and Insured. Medical Waste Management employees are trained on all aspects of Florida Department of Public Health, OSHA and D.O.H. regulations pertaining to Bio Hazardous, Bio Medical, Medical Waste Collection, Medical Waste Transportation, Medical Waste Removal, Treatment and disposal of Medical Waste.

Medical Waste Management

Over 10 years serving the medical community in Florida. Answer a few questions click submit and save up to 50%. We can also be reached by Email at [email protected] or call us at 305-677-2343.


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